6 companies that changed the world and the behavior of people


When the Internet began to become popular in the early 2000s, the digital world gained prominence. Years later, with the computers inserted in the reality of the population, it was the turn of the cellular ones to advance.

Today, smartphone applications – which have become one of the largest sources of income and success for developers – enable new actions, making everyday tasks easier, so that we separate 6 of the companies that have changed the world and made significant changes in the behavior of people: from the form of communication to the form of interaction and consumption. Check it:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way of communication, causing chills in the telephony giants. In 2014, Facebook paid $ 16 billion for the application. With it, the user can send videos, pictures, text messages or audio. Recently, the video call system service was added.

The application is already a reference in the news sharing and also serves as communication between companies and clients, facilitating and streamlining for both.

2. Uber

Uber arrived in Brazil a short time ago, but the company exists since 2009, with the application being launched the following year. It is part of the paid hitch category, where users request the service through smartphones. By 2015, the company was valued at more than $ 51 billion.

The system offers quality transportation at a fair price and reducing waiting time. It relies on location technology, so the passenger can check the route. Payment is also made easier by being done automatically by credit card – or by money, giving more options to customers.

3. Spotify

Spotify is the application responsible for revolutionizing the way you listen to music. It has free or paid options – the second option, with 20 million users. It is considered the largest collection of music in the world.

The system has approximately 75 million active users and is valued at US$ 15 billion.

4. iFood

The gastronomic market has also gained the reinforcement of applications, with iFood being the most prominent among them. The system allows the user to check menus online and order, and the food is delivered to the address indicated. As the slogan says: iFood, your new way of ordering food.

5. Netflix

The system is a reference in series and movie viewing. To participate in this medium, it is necessary to make a signature, with a monthly payment. The application has been so successful that it has been producing exclusive films and series.

Although it seems new, the company has existed since 1997. Today, it has more than 90 million subscribers.

6. Tinder

This is a relationship driven application. In it, your goal is to get a match, pull subject and set out for a real-world encounter. The tool has subscription options, in which your profile is highlighted in relation to the others, increasing the possibilities of achievements. Tinder is the leader in its segment.

The creation of applications for smartphones with Android, Windows Phone, and iOS operating systems has moved billions of dollars. But with so many similar options, fundamental to have differentials to conquer the public, which is the case of these examples above.

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