Mobile Apps: 8 Ways to Increase the Number of Downloads


With 2.2 million apps available on Google Play and just over 2 million in the App Store, getting the spotlight to reach a satisfactory number of downloads is an increasingly challenging task. From development to dissemination, there are a number of things that need to be carefully thought out to ensure the success of your mobile applications.

See in this post 7 effective ways to increase the number of downloads of your applications:

1. Have an irresistible icon

The icon is the first thing the user will see when browsing the Google Play or App Store, so the design you choose is critical to your success. Because your app will be mixed with several others with similar functions, it is imperative that the icon draws more attention than the competitor.

2. Add photos and video in the app description

One of the most important aspects of describing your in-store application is your collection of photos, pictures, and videos, as these are the first items users look to decide whether to download the app or not. Put extra emphasis on the most popular and necessary features of your app to encourage downloads.

3. Use keywords in the description

In order for your app to achieve good ranking in Google Play or App Store, it is imperative that you make good use of ASO techniques. One of the ways to do this is with the correct use of keywords.

Let’s say you have a calendar application called “Modern Agenda”. When choosing keywords, you should include the word “agenda” 3 to 6 times in the description, always keeping it relevant and appropriate.

You can also use the Adwords Keyword Tool to search for other relevant terms that will be suggested by Google and that complement your primary keyword.

4. Ask users to rate your mobile applications

When installing a new application, you may have already been asked if you want to rate it, right? This practice is not popular by chance. Users’ positive ratings improve app position in app store rankings, which, of course, increases the number of downloads.

So, ask the opinion of your users through a form with the message “Liked our app? Rate us! “. But make sure the user already has experience of using the app. The right time can vary from business to business.

5. Communicate through influencers

Marketing influencers is a smart method to get exposure to your application and increase the number of downloads. Introduce it to influential people and bloggers specializing in your industry. If they like your app, they’ll promote it, sharing it with their followers.

6. Use social media

Social media is an efficient way to build a fan base for your app. But when posting content, make sure it was done consistently. If your application is targeted at the young audience, lighter and more informal language should be used, for example.

But it’s not enough to just talk about the app, you have to create interesting content, engage with your fans, respond to comments and engender engagement.

7. Take care of the user experience (UX)

Even if it succeeds in other issues, if your app fails to deliver a good user experience, it will reflect on your downloads. Therefore, applying UX concepts is critical because the best way to ensure the success of your app is exceeding all expectations of your users.

8. Focus on statistics

Although the number of downloads is one of the most important metrics, you also need to know how, when, where and by whom your application is used.

You must constantly perform analyses to understand the behavior of your users from the time of download to uninstall (which should not happen). Knowing your needs and habits and reading your audience’s feedbacks, tailored to those requirements, is the best way to ensure your application always has a high and constant volume of downloads.

Do you have any other tips for increasing mobile app downloads? Tell us in the comments!