Advogados App


Application directed to the creation of a professional profile for the lawyer, in which a virtual office is created with access to the location and places of work from the different regions of Brazil. One of the central objectives is to provide means for professionals in the field to share their experiences, creating a real professional social network.

Golas and Resources

  • Registration of a professional network of lawyers at the national level;
  • Creation of a network of lawyers of support and mutual interaction in which the direct contracting and / or contracting of Corresponding Lawyers to carry out diligences is allowed;
  • Network of Lawyers Correspondents;
  • It allows the Lawyer the opportunity to be included in the labor market and generate new
    Business with a cadre of professionals and clients;
  • Registry of diligences;
  • Chat online;
  • Search tool by specialty or location on the map (State / City);
  • Compatible with the advertising rules of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).

About the Project

The application is designed to easily link lawyers and law firms. The big challenge was to make the application easy to use and work well without the internet, as part of the corresponding lawyers are in the cities of the countryside.