Camarote Salvador – Criação de Aplicativos

The Camarote Salvador brings an exclusive social network to the user, ensuring an easy way to connect with people from all Brazil that will be at the 2015 Salvador’s Carnival.

The project is a case of app creation focused on the client’s fidelity.

Hot Spot

Meet people from all over Brazil who
Will be in the Camarote Salvador

About the Project

To commemorate the 15 years of the Salvador Cabinet, Ilhasoft developed a concept application with all the visual refinements and usability. One of the challenges of the client that motivated the creation of the application for the event was to maintain a relationship with its client and a leed always updated. The App retains users and creates a link between the brand throughout the year.

The project is an example of application creation thought of in every detail to amaze, amuse and enchant. So with the event, the application will mark the Carnival of 2015. The process of planning, developing and publishing the application was executed in 60 days.

20 days after the app was published, the app was featured in the Apple Store, a brand of the customer to millions of Brazilians. The CamaroteSalvador Application still continues to be featured every year during carnival times.

O aplicativo é super fácil de usar e LINDO!!!
Bruna Guimarães, Excelente!

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