ChicoBrandão App

Chico Brandão

It’s more than ten years of flashes and clicks. Since the beggining of his career of success, Chico Brandão showed his bold way in photos and steped up in a new way of photographing in the state of Alagoas.

With good humour and sensibility, Chico Brandão not only shows what happens in his pictures, his photos aren’t just a standard view of the event he works in, but he can catch all of the emotions involved in one shot.

The quality of his photos made his name into a truly “brand”. Loved by brides, Chico Brandão is also requested to work on the main events of the city.

Goals and Resources

  • View the pictures and all the events.Participate in the event by posting photos in Instagram with the hashtag of the event.
  • Participate in the event by posting photos on Instagram with the hashtag of the event.Institutional information of the photographer.
  • Institutional information of the photographer.

About the Project

The application was developed to present the work of the photographer Chico Brandão and create an integration between the participants of the events that Chico Brandão performs the coverage.