Melhore seus Relacionamentos

Melhore seus Relacionamentos

The app Melhore seus Relacionamentos was created from the book of same title, by Jean Charles Watelet.

After a study of 18 years, it was developed a technique that, with only 7 questions, we can trace a profile and have insights on how we can improve our relationships.

Studies shows that we work, in between 90% and 95% of our time, automatically. Normally, our brain works from our subconscious and unconscious, achieving actions in a automatic way, a resulting form from our programming.

About the Project

One of the great challenges of the project was to turn book content into an application that can be easy to understand and resourceful and visually appealing to retain users.

Each question present in the application reveals a characteristic arising from one of the four areas of our life:

  1. As we think;
  2. As in relationships;
  3. How we communicate;
  4. What influences our actions.