Learn to maximize your profit with in-app purchases


We are definitely living a new reality. Today, consumers want to solve everything they can with smartphones. After all, the handsets have become very popular and are already the main form of internet access in the country. With just a glide of fingers, almost everyone has access to the apps that make our lives so much easier.

Clearly, in this scenario, free apps are the most sought after. After all, anyone can have access to them and test them, unlike paid apps. Therefore, some entrepreneurs have decided to rethink their strategies and can already make a profit even by making the app available for free.

What do they do? The solution is to offer in-app purchases! In today’s post, we bring you some sure-fire tips so you can also increase your profits with this type of strategy. Check it!

Charge for ad removal

Most free apps use ads as a way to generate pay. However, a good strategy that is being used by many companies is the offer to remove these ads by paying users. Great action to promote in-app purchases!

That way, both can win with it. The company is paid for by the user directly and he, on the other hand, does not have to deal with the inconvenience of opening ads repeatedly while using the application.

Offer extra functions

Another strategy that can work very well to promote in-app purchases is to offer extra features to the user. In some cases, the original application works only as a test. In these cases, the user has very limited options, which work only as a presentation of everything the tool is able to offer.

In others, the app fulfills what it promises even in the free function, but it does bring some interesting facilities to those who decide to make the complete purchase. One way or another, offering extra features can certainly be a great alternative for anyone who wants to see profitability as the app grows.

Create a subscription package

To conclude, another highly recommended option for those who want to offer in-app purchases are subscription packages. This kind of strategy tends to work very well when it comes to apps that focus on producing content on a recurring basis, be it movies, e-books or news, for example.

How about offering a free trial so that users can try out the app? The period can vary according to the interests of the company: 15 days, 1 month, 60 days … The interesting thing is to give opportunities for the user to know the type of content that is developed to choose whether or not to “consume” that app.

Did you see? It is important to consider all kinds of strategy to generate the impulse of in-app purchases. So you can commit to delivering a better product and at the same time ensuring a much greater profit margin with app development.

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