How does it work and how important is data encryption in applications?


Investing in information security in the development of applications for smartphones is very necessary these days.

This is also due to the fact that people are increasingly accessing the internet through mobile devices. Research indicates that this type of access has outnumbered the connections made to computers.

According to this increased access to the internet via smartphones, the use of applications increases, which inflates the market in this area and demand more investment in information security in the development of the applications.

Thinking about this scenario, great apps developers are betting on an old and effective technology: the data encryption.

Learn how the encryption engine works

It is a technology prior to the Internet as we know it and, in short, can be described as a mechanism of data encryption and decryption, which occurs in the time between sending and receiving this information.

In an exchange of messages in the WhatsApp application, for example, from the moment of sending, the message is encrypted, encrypted, unreadable until delivered to its recipient, only then it is deciphered, becomes readable again. Since only the recipient will have the key to decipher the data, they are protected from being intercepted by third parties.

Understand the importance of data encryption in mobile applications

Especially in applications designed to work online, encryption is essential because it is one of the best information security mechanisms used in software.

In smartphones, the danger of data leakage sometimes intensifies, for example, when using open wi-fi networks. Any malicious user can intercept data by traveling on those networks. For this reason, it is extremely inadvisable to access banking apps or online shopping connected to an open network.

Most large companies have focused on developing enterprise customer service apps. There is also a great use of mobile platforms and data storage in the cloud through servers and data centers outsourced. In addition, the use of mobile technology in the internal communication of teams is a reality.

In this scenario, data encryption can protect messages and jobs developed through apps from such phenomena as industrial espionage and information leakage from individuals and companies.

Understand why developers need to invest in data encryption in their apps

Investing in end-to-end encryption means adding value to your product for those who are developing smartphone application solutions, as consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their data on the network. In this way, an application that has the encryption feature has more credibility with users.

In Brazil, Law No. 12,737, of November 30, 2012, already provides for penalties of up to 3 years of imprisonment for anyone who incurs a crime of invasion of an alien computer device. This means that Brazilian society is becoming aware of the risks of inadvertent use of the internet.

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