How do App Stores rankings work?


You probably know that there are several criteria involved in the results of Google, the largest search engine in the world. But, certain tactics can be applied to improve your position in the rankings of App Stores.

Your application needs this boost of visibility. The competition in this area is quite intense, with news coming up every day and an audience that may not be as faithful as you might imagine.

If you prioritize optimization of the right criteria, you’ll be able to improve the position of your app. This will boost your downloads, greatly increasing your user base.

Know below the key factors that determine App Store rankings today:

Number of downloads

It is very common to associate the number of downloads of an app with a good ranking of the App Stores, and actually, these two ideas are associated. An increase in this number can be decisive for raising some positions in search results and of course in the ranking of most downloaded.

At this point there seems to be a vicious circle: it is easier to get good download numbers if you have a prominent position in the ranking, which gets a great boost when downloaded several times. So optimize your optimization to get that benefit as soon as possible.

Number of openings

Only downloads are not enough for an app to be viewed by App Stores as relevant. They also need to be opened frequently instead of becoming forgotten (or even uninstalled).

This metric demonstrates the continued interest of your audience in the app and serves as a deciding factor for it to win and stay in a good position among search results.

Choose correct keywords

Just like optimizing content for Google, you also need to be wise in choosing the terms used in your app to improve your App Stores rankings. The goal is the same: to reach out to those who are looking for the features you offer.

You can use App Stores’ own search to find combinations of keywords that work for you. Then be sure to use it naturally in your description and in the name of the application to emulate a good position.

User Reviews

As with e-commerces and physical establishments on Google, user ratings serve as a quality filter for the public and are highly valued by App Stores algorithms.

In addition to quantity, it’s important that your app reviews are legitimate, from real people. So do not fall into the temptation of trying to inflate these numbers by creating fake accounts.

Frequent Updates

An app with constant support from its developers has a better chance of having good app store rankings. Keeping a good user base, which has access to constant updates, is something that keeps your app relevant among competitors.

This is something that needs to be part of your strategy: an app should not die once it is launched. In fact, that’s when you start your life. Have a look at corrections and improvements that can be made and foresee all of this in your planning.

Your app can reach quite privileged positions in App Stores, and it’s not luck. By starting a strategy focused on the above points, you’ll be able to build a reputation for quality next to the algorithm and greatly increase the visibility of your application.

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