Mobile consultancy

The biggest taxi company in the world (Uber) doesn’t have any car at its fleet. The biggest rent lodging company in the world doesn’t have any hotel or hostel built. What these two companies have in common?

The business model of these companies are based on collaboration, information and practicability. And to get these three cornerstones, those companies follow the potential of mobile apps.

The world has changed!

And the ways we buy products and services, how we work, how we entertain and how we get along also have changed. In the USA, 15% of Starbucks sells are already made by the company’s app. Users buy their coffee before getting into the store.

The adoption of smartphones in Brazil has been faster than before. A recent research from IDC published by Abinee (Eletric and Eletronic Industry Brazilian Association) says that 76% of cellphones sold in Brazil are smartphones. The smartphone segment should increase about 30% this year.

Even more people are using smartphones to solve daily problems. Some companies started incorporating the “always on” behavior to their business.

According to Google data:

94% of smartphone users search to local informations;

29% of mobile and app users did a fast purchase at the store;

80% of mobile search results in a visit to the store until 5 hours later the initial search.

Six main points in a mobile strategy.

1. Offer your users entertainment, utility or both.

If your app doesn’t offer an attractive value, his useful life will be short. In our mobile consultancy, we define in a clear way, the real reason of the app, bringing useful functionalities to the user, in a way to stimulate fidelity.

2. Create apps to the majority of platforms.

If there’s a resource limitation on the project, during the mobile consultancy process, we define the platform that must have priority according to the project’s target audience.

3. Smarphones and Tablets apps.

Create apps that can function in all screen sizes and that can be adapted to smartphones and tablets. Don’t limit the way of how the user is going to work with the app.

4. Create an experience “made-for-apps”. Don’t transform your website into an app.

Apps can offer resources that websites can’t, as notifications, camera integration, purchase by one click… Use the additional funcionalities to a better service to its users: their expectations and needs are different from the ones who visits the websites.

5. Promote your app to increase your user base.

It’s not worthy to have an excelent app, if there no one to use it.

On the service of mobile consultancy, we help you on winning consumers: indicating marketing strategies and developing optimizations (ASO) on the app’s description at the store, choosing the right category to the app and presenting the best screenshots to the project.

6. Always expand, listen and understand the users.

After the app’s release at the store and winning your first users, it’s important to keep growing up, so the user’s base keeps expanding and the conversion rate continues to increase. An app without updates and no evolution on usability, resources and design is considered as an abandoned app.

IlhaSoft, through mobile consultancy service, helps you to develop strategy plans to incorporate mobile on each project’s needs.


We make your idea work out.

Understanding tendencies, analyzing mobile user’s behavior, planning business model and defining technologies and platforms are available services on mobile consultancy. If you want to create a competitive factor, to maximize the business value and reducing costs, it’s important to use a well planned mobile strategy.