Mobile apps development

We are specialized in on-demand development of mobile applications to iOS, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Android Wear, Windows Phone and Windows Store. We take your idea to smartphones, tablets and watches.

Mobile business

If you have an idea, service or product and want to take it to the mobile world or to use  the power of applications to boost your business, we can help you. Before initiating the development of apps, we raised some questions and made some investigation about the subject.

  • Market analysis;
  • Competition study, which apps are already available and how are they positioned;
  • Business model suggestions;
  • Initial scope development;
  • Prototyping of the main functions.

Information Architecture

The first step to initiate the development is to express in models or concepts the information generated on the project’s modeling process.

We use the prototyping technique proposed by Design Thinking, since we can build low cost prototypes. It’s the moment when ideas get a formal and material content, representing the reality captured on the building of the initial idea. This technique provide the validation of all learned content, resulting on:

  • Functionalities details;
  • Wireframes of all screens;
  • App flows analysis;
  • Messages and texts definition;
  • Non functional prototype.

User’s experience (UX)

How are the users going to feel and get involved with the application? Which are the difficulties on the utilization and taking of informations? These are some of the answers the user’s experience analysis responds.

User’s perceptions on practical aspects, such as utility, facility on using the app and its efficiency. The user’s experience is dynamic and it is on this stage that we do:

  • Prototypes definition and validation;.
  • Interview with users;
  • Usability tests.

Design and User’s Interface (UI)

Wow!!! That’s our goal. A pleasant visual is the key to an app’s success. Making the user’s interaction clearer and efficient to easy and complex tasks.


All of our apps are developed with native techonology, maximizing performance, compatibility and the usability of the app.


  • Projects in Objective-C or Swift


  • Projects in Java and C++ using NDK

Windows Phone / Windows Store

  • Projects in C#

Users acquisition

Why having an excelent app if no one uses? App stores have lots of apps. To stand out in a crowd, some techniques must be applied, like ASO (App Store Optimization).

Ilhasoft has many successful cases, apps with thousand of downloads and that were at the top ranking on Apple, Google and Windows Phone stores.


Every Back-end of developed apps from Ilhasoft runs in cloud with disponibility of 99.95%.