If you could talk to your client everyday, what would you say to him?

Have you ever thought in that possibility? Today, with the potential of smartphones and the versatility on applications, it’s possible to talk to your client everyday. Mobiles allows a closer relationship between the brand and its consumers.

Brazil is the 5th biggest mobile market in the world with about 84 million smartphones.

In 2015, 52% of searches happen via cellphones. A smartphone user can consult his/her cellphone about 150 times a day during the daily routine: on the bank queue, on the traffic, at school, at work or at home. 14% of the time users spend on smartphones is on navigation tabs; the other 86% in on apps.

The numbers are undeniable: we are at the middle of a big revolution. Smartphone changed the way we talk, consume products and use services. In less than two years, we saw the impact of apps in the way we call taxi, buy food, report child abuse and relate with brands.

Therefore the paradigm break through we are living in because of smartphones, only 5% of marketing investment goes to mobile. It’s not clear to most of companies and brands all the potential mobile has.

That’s why we get back to our first question.

If you could talk to your client everyday, what would you tell him?

You can check below a great documentary that sums up a little bit of all this revolution.

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