Mobile technology: a watershed in the business world


In recent years the world has undergone major changes as a result of mobile technology. While mobile devices have been our partners for some time, it was only with the launch of the iPhone in 2007 that gave the start of a surge of uses of smart devices.

Since then it has become fundamental in our lives and has changed the logic of information consumption. Today you’ll see some examples of how social networking, geolocation apps, and other mobile technology features have changed our way of interacting and doing business. Follow us!

Shopping Apps

The Amazon application is one of the best documented success stories in the world. One of the most widely used shopping applications around the globe, it allows users to purchase the full selection of Amazon products wherever they are.

The app uses notifications to alert the customer when your package has been shipped and delivered and keeps you informed of new product launches that may be of interest to you. If a few years ago buying required hours and hours of browsing web pages, today with applications like this is much easier to acquire the products of your dreams.

Did you remember anything you needed on the way home? Amazon has these products and making your purchase over the phone is so simple that you do not even have to have your credit card on hand. Buy with one click guarantees instant payment of selected items.

Flight ticket applications

Users of apps such as Decolar and Kayak can search, book and manage flights by cell phone by downloading their boarding passes on their smartphones.

If buying a ticket was a complicated thing before the advent of mobile technology, getting around the world today requires little more than an internet connection. And if your goal is to find the cheapest tickets, apps are your best friends and can issue notifications as prices change.

Geolocation applications

If in the past locating an address or establishment required interacting with a number of people looking for information or buying a complicated paper map, today our reality is quite different. With a mobile phone and a geolocation application such as Google Maps, Waze or even Foursquare, you can find what you need wherever you are.

Traveling has never been so easy as after the advent of mobile technology and getting lost, even within your own city, seems like a concept of the past. Of course, geolocation applications have also brought with them other benefits, such as amplifying the results of companies that can promote themselves in these tools and win new customers.

Social Network apps

What do Facebook and Twitter have in common? In addition to connecting you with your friends and various digital influencers, these technologies have gained strength with the mobile. And it is in the cell phones that have become protagonists. Both social networks have millions of users and much of it makes use of smartphones to communicate with people and businesses.

Its applications reproduce well all the functions that can be found on the desktop, with the portability and practicality that only the telephones can guarantee. And that is why today we can not even imagine the world in which our friends and organizations of which we are clients are not within a few clicks.

Businesses benefit particularly from this change in mindset provided by mobile technology, as they gain more opportunities to interact with the customer, make their brand noticed, and directly influence their routine. When well used, apps can generate new opportunities and become new sources of income.

Can you understand why mobile technology can be considered a watershed in the business world? Do you have any examples to add to this list? Take the opportunity and leave your comment!