See how to use mobile marketing in your business strategy


The concept of mobile marketing revolves around harnessing the technological possibilities of mobile devices to have better results in their campaigns. For example, it may involve ads that take into account the location of the user, data available thanks to smartphone GPS.

Working with mobile marketing offers excellent returns to brands because it allows you to reach precisely the audience you want and do it in a much closer way. As competition increases and people feel overwhelmed with information, only targeted advertising can stand out.

Here are the best ways to use mobile marketing in your business strategy:

SMS marketing

How about having a way to impact your audience by getting their attention instantly? This is the premise of SMS marketing, a way of communicating close enough to potential customers and spreading valuable offers.

As this is a very personal medium, it needs to be used with care. Do not abuse the right to access your audience like this, since excesses end up damaging that relationship.

Responsive Layout

Does your site only work well when opened on a computer? So it needs to be updated as soon as possible. More than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, such as smartphones, so it makes no sense to alienate so much of the audience.

To optimize your mobile marketing, you need a responsive website. This means that it should open and work properly on any type of appliance. Do not restrict access or make it difficult to access.

Mobile app

Many brands succeed by developing their own application to take full advantage of mobile marketing.

For your strategy to work, remember that this app has to add some value to the audience. It has to bring functions that people really need, not just an advertising pamphlet in app format.


Most smartphones today leave the factory with a GPS that is able to point out where in the world the device is. And that’s where one of the greatest mobile marketing success opportunities is: creating location-focused campaigns.

In both AdWords and social media advertising platforms (like Facebook Ads), you can create ads for specific regions. This is ideal for establishments like restaurants or shops, which want to attract anyone who is passing by.

Processes facilitated

This tip holds true for any aspect of mobile marketing since it is crucial for it to work. Whatever initiative is implemented, remember to simplify your processes. Avoid too long records, heavy loading pages, and menus with hard-to-reach options.

Your audience will use a mobile device, having little space and time to complete the action you want. If you make this path difficult, your user is able to give up in the middle of the process.

Take each of these tips into consideration to take advantage of the best that mobile marketing has to offer for your brand. As technology evolves, new possibilities arise for brands to impact their audiences in increasingly innovative ways. Keep an eye on these trends to be able to implement the news as soon as they emerge and stay ahead of the competition.

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