Sell 24/7 through social networks: do you know where to start?


Mobile technology and social networks have dramatically changed the way customers and businesses relate. Through social media, companies are increasingly marking their daily presence in their consumers. This allows for greater proximity to the public.

These features worked for you 24 hours a day. In this new scenario, selling by social networks is an interesting possibility for both small and large companies.

In this post, we’ll cover these issues with fresh information for you to implement in your social media marketing strategy.

Ready? So, let´s start:

Take your first steps to selling on social networks

It is very important to have a strategy and planning that guides your campaign on networks – do not just go posting anything.

To begin with, you will need to become fully aware of the specifics of how each network works.

Another item to note is the profile of your audience and in what network it focuses more. Thus, you analyze which content is most suitable for your profile.

Understand how social networks influence your results

Sales through social networks (or social commerce) are a natural evolution of e-commerce, with respect to the performance of companies on the internet.

Both Facebook and Twitter have been used systemically to retain customers and turn them into followers.

In addition, the good use of social networks significantly increases traffic on the corporate site – which reflects in the increase of their online sales.

Learn to use social networks in your business strategy

Cost-benefit is one of the main advantages of using social networks in business strategy. Just compare costs with investing in a traditional advertising campaign. In addition, the impact of networks tends to be much greater.

Not to mention that the use of social media adds value to the image of your company, showing the brand update with technological trends like chatbot.

Perhaps the great reason for using social networks for sales is the possibility of simultaneously consolidating the target audience, maintaining a more direct relationship with it, and winning new customers.

Learn the sales strategies for Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is a platform with many unique features and tools that your company needs to know in depth, in order to implement a strategy of dissemination on the site. If you are not willing to stray a little from your core business to fall headlone into research, there is the option of hiring a social media specialist.

However, one aspect you can not overlook, being common to all social networks, is the visual appeal of your campaign. If you use Instagram, bet on high quality and tasteful images. On Facebook, leave your page with a clean and organized look.

You can invest in campaigns, with periodical posts that fit into a sales strategy. Remember the importance of keeping a rhythm in your posts. It is necessary to have periodicity and constancy, so as not to give the impression that your page is abandoned.

Another important tip is to measure your results by checking the posts with the most hits and the peak times of your page.

Did you see how you can sell on social networks? Share our tips with your friends and contribute to the development of this new segment!